Meri Dishnica

A former therapist, so deeply passionate about storytelling that she carves the mess of human emotion into an impressive cinematic tale of narrative and visuals.


Her performing artworks are copyrighted by The U.S Copyright Office.


THRILLS OF POWER Cinematic Poem (Video Art / Experimental)

Written - Directed - Edited by Meri Dishnica. This Cinematic Poem echoes the personality distortion one faces after he gets powerful (expressed symbolically by the detail of the chair). "Nobody is immune to the shady thrills of Power" is visually explained by the genderless character. The blurred figure explains the visual and mental disturbances as side effects of power.

Drama © Short Film

"Written on a cinematographic concept, its message is clear and candid. I felt the visual tension through its vivid episodes and dynamic plans. It perfectly unfolds itself figuratively through its remarkable expressive symbols". T.F

Dramatic Thriller - Noir

©  Feature Film

The strength of the script is in its characters- who engage us with their resonant, yet distorted experiences.

I CONFESS! Cinematic Poem (Video Art / Experimental)

A bizarre mind-trip of an incorrigible dreamer. Written-Directed-Edited by MERI DISHNICA.

Romantic Drama

©  Feature Film

Poetic, metaphorical, and quite moving- This script passes the Bechdel Test, and that will allow it to take advantage of the many talented actresses that would love to play roles in a whimsical beach getaway script like this one. The writer has done commendable, extensive research on song choices, indicating a clear understanding of how to match the highs of a scene with the highs of a song. This additional element gives the overall story more style, fleshing out its melodramatic atmosphere.

Sci-Fi - Thriller - Action

©  Feature Film

Meticulously wrapped in an intelligent and introspective drama, this thriller concept script engages us through its well-realized characters and keen insights about life.